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WTP Plant

WTP Plant
WTP Plant
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The effluent from collection  tank will be taken into equalization tank for equalizing the various nature effluents and for damping of flow rate variation to achieve nearly constant flow rate. This help in enhancing correct chemical treatment, as shock loadings are eliminated or minimized, inhibiting substances can be diluted and pH can be stabilized.

Chemical Reaction

In reaction tank pH of raw effluent will be controlled through pH controller by sensing the pH of raw effluent. Chemicals like alum or caustic are being added to maintain it. Flash mixing operation will be carried out for rapid and uniform dispersement of coagulants throughout the mass of effluent for creating more or less homogenous single or multiphase system which helps in the formation of micro-flocs resulting in proper neutralization of chemical coagulants preventing localization of concentration which leads to less effective neutralization of the coagulants. The chemical coagulants will be introduced at point of high turbulence in the effluent.


Aeration process will help reducing biological impurities such as BOD. The process involved aeration through air blowers connected to aeration grid with diffusers. Addition of nutrients such as Activated sludge with urea and dap will help aeration process and increase in the MLSS in the effluent. The process of aeration shall remain operational all 24 hours even though raw effluent is not received from factory.


The purpose of clarification is to remove the settle able inorganic solids. Normally a clarification facility will remove 90 percent of total suspended solids. The settled solids are collected into a hopper of settling tank from which they are removed to sludge holding tank. The effluent after clarification would be taken to clarified water tank for further treatment through filtration. Beside effluent collected from tube settler, the back wash water from filtration plant of water treatment will also be taken in clarified water tank.


Filtration system i.e Carbon Filter is considered for removal of remaining suspended solids, colour, odour & other organic impurities. For disinfection, chlorination shot dozing of Sodium Hypo Chlorite is being given in the clarified water. The filtration process will be through activated carbon filter containing granular activated carbon media. The clarified water stored in the clarified water tank is pumped and passed through activated carbon filter where colour, odour and organic impurities are absorbed by granular activated carbon. The filter is backwashed routinely to drain out the settled impurities.