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Industrial Waste Water Treatment Plant

Industrial Waste Water Treatment Plant
Industrial Waste Water Treatment Plant
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Product Code : ETP
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The waste water discharged from the process PLANT will be collected into collection sump of effluent treatment plant. The process for treatment of effluent is a batch process and start only when the effluent is received in the collection sump. The effluent discharged from process may carry various pollutants which need to be reduced by process of  chemical mixing , aeration , settling & filtration. Provision of aeration is given in the collection sump by installing air diffusers which are connected to air line header from rotary type air blowers. The raw effluent will be pumped and transferred  to equalizing tank before chemical treatment. Once the effluent in one batch is received in the collection sump, it will be automatically transferred to equalizing sump through level float assembly. The process of chemical treatment is started by pumping effluent from equalizing tank to a M.S. FRP lined reaction tank.  Chemicals such as alum solution , caustic solution and polyelectrolyte or any other  chemicals would be added in the mixing tank. The equalized raw effluent will be subjected to pH Control through controller to achieve required pH. The chemically mixed  effluent will be taken to equalization sump where primary aeration process is adopted through air diffusers placed in the sump. The sludge formed by chemical precipitation process in the mixing tank is pumped and taken to sludge thickener tank. The air diffusers are connected to air line header from rotary type air blowers. The effluent after chemical process and equalization will be pumped and  taken to a aeration tank, where aeration grid is placed with disc type air diffusers and nutrient is added . The aeration process will be remain working all 24 hours , though the treatment process is based on batch system. The aerated effluent then taken to a settling tank where suspended solids including bio-sludge settles and clear effluent is taken through overflow launder to a clarified water sump. The sludge formed is lifted through air ejector provided in the settling tank. This sludge will be recycled  to aeration sump which  add  nutrients to help increase bio-mass in the aeration process. The excess sludge will be taken to a sludge tank  through ejector system for thickening and disposal. During both chemical & aeration process sufficient amount of sludge is formed which need to be thickened and disposal through filter press for cake formation under pressure and disposal .  The treated effluent water after clarification will be collected in a transfer pit for further filteration through carbon filter and chlorination for disposal in to STP system.